Trezevant High School

Trezevant High School, Trezevant, Tennessee - 1960

Class of 1963
Trezevant High  School, Trezevant, Tennessee is the school I graduated from in May, 1963. I came to Trezevant for high school after finishing the eighth grade at Lavinia. We had two groups within the school - those who had gone all the way from first grade to high school in Trezevant and those of us who came from the "country" schools at Lavinia, Westview and McLemoresville. (Considering that Trezevant isn't much more than a wide place in the road, "country" is a relative term!) To be quite honest, I don't remember a lot about high school because my life began anew the day I got off an airplane at San Antonio, Texas and walked into the arms of a United States Air Force training instructor, or "TI" as they are called. The world had taken me far from Carroll County, West Tennessee and I was going to go much further.

But there are some things I do remember - such as the senior play when Billy McKee and I wore mustaches and wooed Betty Hollowell and Judy Rimmer. Billy is no longer with us - he died of cancer a few years ago after spending a lifetime serving his country as a Navy SEAL and a DEA Agent. I also remember sitting on the bleachers in the gym with various of my friends - Douglas McAlexander, my cousin Conrad Spain, Johnny Jones, Edwin Miller, Sammy Holland, Billy and Tony McKee, Randall Chandler and  Randall Smith. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly what we were going to do when we got out of school. My mind was already made up - I was going to the Air Force Academy and fly jets. (As things turned out, I didn't go to the Air Force Academy - my son, however, graduated from Annapolis, Class of 1998 - but I did go into the Air Force and I have spent a good part of my adult life flying jets. I realized just how far THS was behind me one day in the fall of 1966 on the island of Okinawa when I walked into the chow hall and saw a young Airman Third Class with "McMackins" on his nametag. I recognized him as Ronnie McMackins, who had graduated a year ahead of me and who had been a BMOC. But he looked just like any other scared airmen and after flying a combat tour over North Vietnam and Laos, I felt so much OLDER than him!

But my years at THS were good ones and we had some good people, even though I might not have thought so at the time. We had great teachers - Mrs. Blanks, Miss Simmons, Mr. Cross - and they instilled values in us that are still present in the THS people I have run into in more recent years.

Sam McGowan
Class of 1963
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