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As the 2012 Election was coming up, I decided to put up a political site on which to voice my views. Since then, a lot has happened, including the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and his "defeat" in 2020 due to fraudulent activities on the part of Democrats in certain precincts. I've not kept these pages up but plan to recfity that situation.


Let me begin by telling a little bit about my political history. I grew up in rural West Tennessee, an area that was deeply divided by the Civil War 150 years ago, although it was less than a century before I was born in 1945. Although my ancestors' loyaties were divided with my dad's family having supported the Union, some of them anyway, and my mother's the Confederacy, my parents supported Republican candidates for president. In the local and state elections, the Democratic party controlled everything and the statewide elections were merely a confirmation of the Democratic primaries. My own political views have been shaped by decades of reading and by watching the positions of the two national parties. While most people would say I am conservative - and others would say I'm a flaming liberal - I'm actually a political independent and my political philosophy is traditional, or classical, liberal. Those who might bother to check the definition of a classical liberal will find that it refers to people who believe in limited government and basic freedoms. After all, the word "liberal" means "free." It was liberals who developed the ideas that led to the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers were all liberals; the conservatives of the day supported the British Crown and many of them left the United States for Canada after the colonial victory. The people who claim to be "liberal" today actually are not; they are political progressives and their political philosophies are based on nineteenth and early twentieth century European ideas, specifically those developed by Validimar Lenin and Karl Marx.  Their goals are social reform through government action; in short, they seek to control government and thus control society as a whole. To a progressive, "free" is just a word.

Up until the 2004 elections I had always voted for Republicans. But during the hysteria after the 9/11 attacks I saw some very dangerous attitudes developing among those who espouse right-wing views, many of whom are actually progressives who switched parties; they're called "neoconservatives," meaning they are "new" conservatives who have changed certain of their views, particularly those related to foreign policy. Consequently, I voted a straight Democratic ticket in the 2004 and 2006 elections. Bear in mind that the Democrats won majorities in both houses of Congress by running conservative and moderate Democrats such as US Senator Jim Webb of Virginia against Republicans. However, the national Democratic party lost the message of the 2006 election and elected progressives as Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, then in 2008 they nominated the most progressive possible candidate, Barack Obama. Had the Democratic Party remained more toward the center I might have voted for Democratic candidates - but never again. Democrats have received the last vote they'll ever recieve from me - period.

I will be writing polictical opinion posts and linking them to this page.

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